Divorce, paternity, and child support cases are decided in Family Court. This site has information on resources for people involved in those kinds of cases. You will find links to other sites scattered through this site and organized together on the Links Page.

It’s impossible to provide all of the information you might need to deal with every case but we have tried to provide enough information to answer most general questions. If you would like to see other information on this site, or if you have any problems with this site, please email the Family Court staff. For other contact information, go to the Contact Information Page.

While it is possible for a non-lawyer to do his or her own divorce, it isn’t easy. The information on this site is not legal advice, nor is it a replacement for good legal advice. For information on what the site is (and is not), please see the Use Limitations.

The Dane County (Wisconsin) Bar Association, in cooperation with the State Bar of Wisconsin, has prepared videos on the divorce process titled “Moving On: A Guide to Pro Se Divorce”. There is a Spanish-language version of at least one of these videos. You can watch these videos on-line at the Dane County Bar Association website by clicking on this link .

NOTE: The Clerk of Court scans all documents to make them electronic documents. When you fill out forms for the Court, use BLACK INK. The scanners used by the Courts do not handle blue ink well, and the Clerk may not accept your documents if you use blue ink.  Please note that most forms have 2 parts; one for you to request something, the other for the court to order it.  You need to file BOTH.