If you have questions about how to file or where to file your documents, you may want to contact the Commissioner’s staff. You should first check the Wisconsin Court System Self-help Law Center where you can find forms and recommendations.

You cannot contact the Commissioner “to talk about your case”. This is called ex parte communication, which means a communication conducted for the benefit of only one party. Ex parte communication is prohibited by law. Ask yourself; How would I feel if the Family Court Office gave the other party advice or let them talk to them privately about my case?

  • If you need to contact the Green County Family Court about a matter, please contact staff at the address or telephone number below.
  • Any information sent to the Family Court Commissioner must be copied to the other party in the case. You must be able to prove it was provided to the other party.
  • To avoid potential problems with ex parte communications, we do not provide an e-mail address for the Family Court Commissioner.
  • If you have a question on procedures in Family Court, you can email the Family Court staff. ┬áRemember, Staff will not give you legal advice.

Mailing Address

Commissioner Timothy J. Burns
Family Court Commissioner’s Office
Green County Justice Center
2841 6th Street
Monroe, WI 53566

Telephone Number and Email

Our email address is staff@greencountyfcc.org

The Family Court Office number is (608) 328-9429. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message. Please speak slowly and include your name, your telephone number, your case number, and the reason for your call. Our office is not staffed full time but we will respond as soon as possible.

We do not have a FAX machine.

To Appear in Court by Telephone

Before you can appear at any hearing by telephone, you need to obtain permission. If your case involves the Green County Child Support Agency you should contact them at 608-328-9460. If there is an attorney for the other party, you should contact them before contacting the Family Court office. For other cases, you should contact the Family Court office directly. You should call at least 2 days prior to your hearing. You will need a good reason to appear by telephone and will generally be required to provide documentary proof that you cannot attend in person. In most cases, parties are expected to be present for their hearings.

If you receive permission to appear by telephone, you will be given the number to call for that appearance. This number is only for your court appearance.

There is only one incoming line in the Family Court Hearing Room. If more than one person wants to appear by phone, one of those calling in will need to make arrangements for a conference call.