In Wisconsin, child support is calculated using a set of guidelines published in Chapter DCF 150 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code

In general, the guidelines require a person paying child support to pay a percentage of their gross income (income before deductions) as child support. The guidelines are:

* 17% for 1 child
* 25% for 2 children
* 29% for 3 children
* 31% for 4 children
* 34% for 5 or more children

DCF 150 provides formulas for calculating child support for situations where all the children live with one parent, where they spend substantial time with both parents, or where each parent has some of the children.

There are online sites that allow you to calculate your child support by filling in certain information. You can also get spreadsheets that will help you do the calculations, as well as other information, at the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families website.

Payment Information

For payment information on your child support account, you should call the Wisconsin Child Support Collection Trust at 1-800-991-5530. You should have your PIN number ready when you call.

Child support payments should be sent to:

Wisconsin Support Collection Trust Fund
PO Box 74400
Milwaukee, WI 53274-0400

To ensure that your payment is properly applied, you should include the appropriate payment coupon.

There is a $65 Receiving and Disbursing fee due with the first child support payment each year. This is a processing fee charged by the state.

Enforcement Services

For child support enforcement services, you may contact your lawyer, or you may contact the Green County Child Support Enforcement Agency at:

Child Support Enforcement
Green County Justice Center
2841 6th Street
Monroe, WI 53566
Phone: (608) 328-9460
FAX:(608) 328-9605

For more information, try the Department of Children and Families’ web page Resources for Parents & Guardians.

Terminating Support at Age 18 or High School Graduation

The obligation to pay child support continues until age 18, or until age 19 if the child is pursuing a high school diploma or equivalent.

To terminate support at that time, the payor can hire an attorney to do the necessary paperwork, or may contact the Green County Child Support Agency and ask that the child support order be terminated. The Child Support Agency must be provided with proof that the child is 18 years old and has graduated from high school, or the date the child will be graduating.

While current support for the specific child will end, any support obligation for other children will continue. In addition, any wage assignment will not end until all debts have been paid in full, including receiving and disbursing fees.

Enforcement Information

For general information on child support enforcement, you may want to view the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families document “What Happens If I Don’t Pay Child Support?”.

Green County Wage Information

When the earnings of a person who is responsible for child support cannot easily be determined by the court, the average wage for Green County may be used. The Wisconsin WorkNet site may provide relevant information.