The Green County Family Law Clinic is a no cost service for people who are representing themselves in Court. The service is solely to assist you in properly completing as many of the correct forms as possible so that the Court will understand what you are asking.

The clinic hours are the first and third Fridays of each month. To use the Clinic you must schedule an appointment in person at the reception desk on 2nd floor in the Economic Assistance unit at the Green County Human Service Building.

There is no charge for the service but you must prove economic need.

They do NOT provide legal representation.
They do NOT provide legal advice.

You are required to sign a release indicating you understand that the Green County Legal Clinic or attorney/experienced volunteer helping you does not represent you.

The Clinic Staffed entirely by Green County attorneys and experienced volunteers who know family law issues. The Clinic does not keep any records or copies of documents.

For a pdf brochure which covers this and more information, Click Here. The document will download to your browser, but will not appear on this page.